• WordPress Coding and Consulting Services
  • WordPress Programming – custom PHP coding to extend your WordPress site
  • WordPress Theme Customization – CSS and PHP to customize WordPress themes
  • HTML to WordPress Site Conversions – Convert your HTML site to WordPress
  • WordPress CMS – Use WordPress as a powerful web publishing tool
  • WordPress Consulting – Not sure which platform is right? 1 hour strategy sessions are available by phone or Skype
  • Part-time or Virtual Webmaster Services
  • Web Site Strategy
  • SEO Consulting
  • SEO Programming – “on page” search engine optimization
  • Custom Widgets
  • Twitter Integration
  • Custom RSS Feeds
  • Social Networking – strategy, education, consulting and execution

Need help ?

Do you need help with a web project?
Do you have questions about how to improve your site?
Do you want to unleash the power of WordPress to manage your own site?

Common questions we encounter:

Q: Can I use WordPress to run my whole web site?
A: Yes. WordPress can be used to build your entire site not just a blog, in fact you don’t have to blog at all.

Q: What about blogs? Should I have a blog and a web site?
A: Blogs are a great way to personalize your site however not all sites need a blog.

Q: Should I build a second web site to target a certain audience or product?
A: Yes. Definitely.

Q: Why doesn’t my site rank well in Google, Bing, Yahoo ?
A:Using HTML tables for layout, incorrect page titles, poor category and post file names, bad linking strategy, lack of a sitemap, bad IP host reputation, buying paid links, no RSS feed, bad domain name, poor home page content, incorrect use of header tag hierarchies, etc.

Q: What keywords are my competitors buying for Google Adwords?
A: There are sites that can show you this information.

Q: What is Twitter? Should I have a Twitter account for my business?
A: Twitter is a SMS broadcasting system – kind of like sending a text message to the world. Twitter is great for finding people that share your interests or connect to you or your business in some way. Yes you should.

Q: What is social networking and should I care?
A:Social networking uses social relationships to communicate news and information. Individuals and businesses are interested in using social networking and social media to find and connect with people that are relevant to their activities. You should care about social media unless you enjoy a monopoly or really don’t care what people might be saying about you or your company.

And finally….

Q: How do I make all this stuff work together and still run my business?
A: Honestly you probably can’t be a / social networking expert / blogger / web developer / network engineer / web geek / and still run your business unless your business is being a / social networking expert / blogger / web developer / network engineer / web geek /. Each solution is different based on your needs and budget.

How can we help YOU ?

Today’s Economy

We understand that money is tight right now. Many of our clients are starting new businesses after losing a job or need to create additional revenue sources to increase income. We are affordable and reasonable.

Our Goal

We will provide the most economical solution possible to get your web site up quickly while working within your stated budget. We will also strive to create a site that can be updated and maintained by the site’s owners allowing fresh content to be added consistently to the site.

Next Steps

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