Why use Themes?

WordPress Themes allow WordPress users to publish a web site and/or blog without having to hire a graphic artist to design a look and feel for the site. Changing themes is almost as easy as changing your mind, in fact it might be too easy. I have seen some WordPress installations with 50 or 60 themes installed!

Good News about Themes:
Lots of Them
Since there is no EXACT way of knowing how many WordPress themes exist one can only make an educated estimate in the thousands, possibly the tens of thousands.

Most themes have the same number of files and must use certain file names so they can be installed on any WordPress installation.

Bad News About Themes:
Lots of Them
You can waste precious hours wading through lists, downloading and installing really bad themes.

Unknown Authors
Who builds WordPress Themes? Anyone that follows a basic set of rules can create and package a theme for distribution. This is one of the many downsides of WordPress Themes as you don’t know the author and it is possible that unwanted code or files can exist inside a theme therefore you need to exercise caution when downloading and installing WordPress Themes from unknown sources. Many WordPress themes are free and are given away by the authors with the only “payment’ being leaving author credits and linkbacks in the footers of the themes. You may notice a free theme on a WP site and see in the footer Theme by ___________ and then a strange link like Credit Card Applications or whatever. The author is using the link to drive S E O back to a site or page that is being monetized by Google Adwords or some other method. Nothing wrong with that but many people don’t want this kind of noise appearing on their web site or blog.

You are now potentially dealing with many folders of files that use the same names and things can get confusing quickly.

Up for a wild goose chase?
Find Free WordPress Themes at http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/